hisun spring adjustment tool

HiSun Rear Spanner tool (Spanner Wrench)

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 HiSun Rear Spanner Tool (Spanner Wrench)

Fitment: 2017-2023 Tactic 550, Tactic 750, Sector 450, Sector 550, Sector 750, Strike 550, Strike 900


What does the Spanner tool do?

A front spanner tool for an ATV / UTV is used to adjust the preload on the front suspension. Preload refers to the amount of force applied to the suspension spring when the suspension is fully extended but not yet supporting any weight. By adjusting the preload, you can change the height of the ATV / UTV's front end and improve the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

The front spanner tool is used to adjust the lock ring and the adjusting collar on the front shock absorbers. The lock ring is tightened to hold the adjusting collar in place once you have made your desired adjustments. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommended settings for the preload, as adjusting it too much or too little can negatively affect the ATV / UTV's handling and ride comfort.

The front spanner tool is an important tool for ATV owners who want to fine-tune the handling and performance of their vehicle.