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K100 S+ Fuel Treatment 8 OZ

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K100S+ Fuel Treatments feature exclusive blends of advanced organic compounds meticulously engineered to eradicate water in fuels, eliminate gums and varnishes, stabilize fuel, enhance lubrication, provide corrosion protection, and elevate cetane/octane ratings. Its comprehensive ALL-IN-ONE Chemistry offers everything you need to ensure optimal engine performance and longevity. Keep your engines running smoothly with K100S+.


  • K100 S+ 2 Year Fuel Stabilizer is a 2 year fuel stabilizer that provides a +2 point octane boost
  • Prevents problems with all Ethanol Blends
  • Stabilizer eliminates water from the gas tank and fuel system reversing or preventing phase separation
  • Revitalizes old fuel
  • Encapsulates water for a complete burn eliminating ethanol phase separation
  • Increase power and performance
  • Cleans fuel injectors and carburetors