5W-40 atv oil

Motul ATV Power 5W40 Synthetic Oil (1L)

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Motul ATV Power 5W40 Synthetic Oil is the ultimate choice for peak performance in your all-terrain vehicle. Crafted with precision and utilizing advanced synthetic technology, this oil ensures optimal engine protection and smooth operation.

With a balanced viscosity, it provides reliable lubrication, reducing friction and minimizing wear, even in demanding off-road conditions. Motul ATV Power 5W40 Synthetic Oil is your assurance of superior engine cleanliness and performance, allowing you to push the limits on every trail with confidence. Trust Motul for the power to conquer any terrain.


  • Perfect solution for sport All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) for both aggressive riding and intensive recreational activities.
  • Easy start-up.
  • Improved high-temperature resistance in extreme conditions.
  • Outstanding gearbox protection